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(Ever)green Alvar Aalto Researchers’ Network Seminar, 6.–7.5, 2021. Seminaari kokoaa yhteen kansainväliset Alvar Aalto -tutkijat virtuaalisesti.


The Net is Tightening

It was almost exactly ten years ago when we had the first Alvar Aalto Researchers’ Seminar in Seinäjoki Finland. The first meeting of the global network was truly historic and showed us the need for such meetings. Since then we have come a long way. Rovaniemi showed us the magnitude of subjects and vast number of interested people around the world. In Jyväskylä we had a cozy summer get together with some new and some revisited subjects. There was also critique that maybe the bag of Aalto tricks had been exhausted by the seminars we’d had so far. That kind of thinking would mean that when all major thematic subjects and all major projects have been covered, that’s it. All the boxes have been ticked.

I don’t think so.

The whole purpose of having a network of researchers studying the same subject (Alvar Aalto) is to be able to deepen the understanding of a specific variety of architecture and a unique way of making design. By coming back to previous thoughts even by the same person will give a more profound awareness of things and a more cohesive combination of thoughts.

And the best part of the whole idea of this network is that Aalto researchers from around the world know each other better. Also on a personal level.

Having said that, I have to regretfully state that this time we’re not able to physically meet due to reasons we all know. Nevertheless our community is condensing and the net is tightening, the new research page is open now. The (Ever)Green Alvar Aalto seminar 6.-7.5.2021 with it’s thematic approaches on sustainability, Aalto reflections and restoration and reuse issues is a tight package of new views on good old Alvar Aalto.

Let’s have a wonderful seminar in Pori and on the air!

Tommi Lindh
Alvar Aalto Foundation

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