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During and after the World War II, functionalist principles were applied to housing in Finland in wide scale. Type houses were built already in 1940 based on Swedish funds. On the initiative of Alvar Aalto, architect union founded a standardisation office, which starting from 1942 created the groundwork for type plans for villas and standardised solutions, ””RT-cards”” for other projects. The so called ””veteran’s houses”” were built in large scale around Finland in post-war period to house veterans, invalids and refugees from Karelia. High-rise construction was more difficult due to lack of funds and materials until the Arava loans were started in 1949. However, the architecture had also to adapt to the realities such as lack of materials and modern technology. This resulted in a style which is named ””uusromantiikka”” in Finnish, ””New Empiricism”” in English and ””Nyrealism”” in Swedish.

The tour includes several different type house areas including the Pansio Laivateollisuus area (1945-1948) by Erik Bryggman as well as examples of 1940’s and 1950’s apartment houses.
The lunch will be in the traditional restaurant Pippurimylly, traditional meatballs or vegetarian balls in brandy sauce.

Start from the tour bus stop, Linnankatu 16, Turku.

The guidance price, 25 euros, includes the bus and the lunch.
Pay to Bryggman foundation: BIC: NDEAFIHH, IBAN: FI55 5717 2020 0065 64
Booking:, include clearly name and possible special diets

Guide: Representative of Bryggman institute, non-fiction author Mikko Laaksonen


Lauantai 31.8.2019 11:00-16:00
Start from the tour bus stop, Linnankatu 16 Turku
The guidance price, 25 euros, includes the bus and the lunch