Network of Alvar Aalto Cities

The Network of Alvar Aalto Cities was launched in Jyväskylä on February 3, 2017. The network’s members are AlajärviEspoo, Eura, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Järvenpää, Kotka, Kouvola, Oulu, Paimio, Pori, Rovaniemi, SeinäjokiTurku and Varkaus.

The Alvar Aalto Cities form a network of active partners that are all of equal standing regardless of the size of the locality or the number of Aalto sites there. The freeform network is being further expanded by inviting towns, cities and municipalities where there is Alvar Aalto architecture of sufficient significance to become members. The network’s activities are coordinated by the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

The network’s goal is to increase Aalto awareness both in Finland and abroad. Joining forces on communications and marketing will, for instance, improve the visibility and accessibility of exhibitions, tourist attractions and events. This will primarily provide a service for tourists with a special interest in the built environment, architecture and Alvar Aalto’s production.

In the future, the network will be expanded to take in municipalities abroad with major Alvar Aalto-designed buildings. The aim is for the network to grow gradually into an international body that spans all the Alvar Aalto Cities. In total there are about forty Alvar Aalto Cities around the world.



Photo: Villa Väinölä. Topcu Burahan / Alvar Aalto Museum.



Photo: Auditorium, Aalto University, Otaniemi. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.



Photo: Stepped terrace house. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.



Photo: Finlandia Hall. Rune Snellman / Alvar Aalto Museum.


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Photo: University of Jyväskylä, Main building. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.


Photo: Interior of Villa Kokkonen. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum




Photo: Sunila housing area. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.



Photo: Housing area, Inkeroinen. Mikko Merckling / Alvar Aalto Museum.


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Photo: Toppila, Cellulose factory. Alvar Aalto Museum.



Photo: Paimio Sanatorium. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.




Photo: Villa Mairea, Noormarkku. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.




Photo: Rovaniemi Administrative and Cultural Centre, Town Hall. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.


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Photo: The Cross of the Plains Church and Parish Centre. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum



Photo: Office Building for Turun Sanomat Newspaper. Gustaf Welin / Alvar Aalto Museum



Photo: Type House, Könönpelto area. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.