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Aalto started working on the plans for this church in 1955 as an offshoot of the master plan of Imatra completed in 1953. Construction of the church was completed in 1958. Without any doubt Aalto’s most original church design, Vuoksenniska Church – in conformity with his fundamental approach to architecture as a synthesis of varied practical and aesthetic needs – fuses a broad range of motifs into a unique, coherent work of artistic perfection.

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Finland, Imatra

Virtual tour

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— 1

Vuoksenniska church (Church of the Three Crosses). Photo: Pertti Ingervo, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 2

The basic design of the church consists of a series of three consecutive halls. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 3

The division of the interior into three units can be seen in the facade. Photo: Heikki Havas, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 4

Section of the church hall. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 5

Scale model of the church highlights the form of the church hall. Photo: Eva ja Pertti Ingervo, Alvar Aalto Museum

— 6

Ground plan. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 7

The church hall. Photo: Pertti Ingervo, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 8

Detail of the ceiling and wall structure. Photo: Heikki Havas, Alvar Aalto Foundation

Open for public

Church of the Threee Crosses is open periodically from 1 June 2021. Contact in advance is recommended: tel. +358 400 553 056,

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