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Aalto designed this house in for his friends the author Göran Schildt and his wife Christine. The Villa Skeppet (Ship) is on a nearly level, park-like site with a view across the eastern bay harbour of the idyllic small town.

Designed in



Finland, Tammisaari

— 1

Villa Skeppet. Photo: Alvar Aalto Museum

— 2

Sketch of the building. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Museum

— 3

The open fireplace is designed by Aalto. Photo: Mikko Merckling, Alvar Aalto Museum

— 4

Ground plan. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Museum

— 5

Villa Skeppet. Photo: Mikko Merckling, Alvar Aalto Museum

— 6

Elevations. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Museum

Guided tours

There are guided tours for the building. See for more information.


See visit information on Villa Schildt website.