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In 1962 the Helsinki city authorities commissioned Aalto to design a concert and congress building as the first part of his great centre plan. The Finlandia Hall was completed nine years later. Even the earliest plans show the main characteristics of the final solution. One of the most conspicuous alterations involved the chamber music room, originally intended to soar like the main auditorium above the main building mass.

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Finland, Helsinki

— 1

Töölö Bay façade of Finlandia Hall. Photo: Fethulla, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 2

Elevation towards Töölö Bay. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 3

Scale-model of plan for Helsinki city centre. Photo: Eva ja Pertti Ingervo, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 4

Sketches. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 5

Façade. Photo: Rune Snellman, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 6

Staircase leading to the concert hall foyer. Photo: Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 7

Floor plan showing concert halls and foyer. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 8

Concert hall foyer. Photo: Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 9

Façade. Photo: Fethulla, Alvar Aalto Foundation

— 10

Elevation towards Mannerheimintie. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Foundation

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CSCE 1975

The annex of Finlandia Hall turned out to be a boon in 1975, when the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) brought the heads of state of 32 nations to Helsinki and the subsequently oft-cited Helsinki Declaration was signed at the Finlandia Hall.

Photos: Tapio Korpisaari, Helsinki City Museum


Changes in 2020

The newest part of Finlandia Hall was added in 2012 on the Töölönlahti Bay side at street level. This roofed exterior space was converted into interior space housing public spaces including a new café.

Photo: Ground floor before changes. Maija Holma @ Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Finlandia Café

FINLANDIA CAFÉ has a completely unique athmosphere and it is decorated with previously hidden original Aalto furniture. It is located in the part added in 2012.

More information: Café Finlandia

Photo: © Finlandia Hall


Architecture by Alvar Aalto 13 – Finlandia Hall is a booklet presenting the sanatorium with images and drawings.

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Finlandia Hall is an active conference and event venue.

More information on Finlandia Hall website.

Photo: Martti Kapanen, Alvar Aalto Museum.