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NORDMAK 2021–2023, the Nordic Master in Architectural Heritage, is an academic supplementary programme involving the cooperation of four Nordic countries and institutions: the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark, The Royal Institute of Art (KKT) in Sweden, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in Norway, and the Alvar Aalto Foundation /Aalto University in Finland.

The course is directed at professionals working in the field of architecture and culture – architects, engineers, designers, planners, construction caseworkers, archaeologists, historians, museum inspectors – and it is intended to provide additional skills and specialist knowledge aimed at understanding, reinforcing and communicating architectural cultural heritage within their practice.

Based on an ongoing dialogue between theory and practice, the course is tailored for participants who already have an ongoing practice: it is structured through two and a half part-time study years, corresponding to one full-time equivalent. In addition, participants are encouraged to use assignments and cases from their daily work, as a starting point for the group and individual assignments developed throughout the course.

The program unfolds throughout five semesters. For the first two years, each semester provides education in one of the institutions and countries involved, while the last semester is dedicated to the completion of the master’s thesis. The spring semester of 2023 will take place in Finland, at the Alvar Aalto Foundation and Aalto University.

The Alvar Aalto Foundation is deeply interested in the protection and promotion of cultural heritage, in matters of sustainability and world heritage, and is actively involved in safeguarding and promoting Finland’s and Alvar Aalto’s architectural, design, and urban patrimony. For this reason, the Foundation resonates with the themes of NORDMAK 2021–23, and is deeply interested into taking part in the construction and promotion of the Nordic expert network that this Master aims to.

More information about NORDMAK 2021-2023 in English (PDF)

Further information:

Program Manager Nina Heikkonen
tel. +358 44 500 1257

Paimio Sanatorium (1929–33). Photo Morgens A. Morgen.