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The Pool, opening at Aalto2 on 18 May, is a concept of four exhibitions combining Alvar Aalto’s architectural heritage, international skateboarding culture, rap and hip-hop culture.

The three skateboarding exhibitions are united by the design of Alvar Aalto’s Villa Mairea pool and its influence on international skateboarding culture. An exhibition on rap and hip hop culture explores the history of Finnish rap and Central Finland’s influence on the development of hip hop culture as a whole.

From the Surf to the Sidewalk
– When Skateboarding Culture and Architecture Meet

18.5. – 15.9.2024

Concrete Currents – Photographs by Arto Saari

18.5. – 27.10.2024

Lizzie Armanto: Colors

18.5. – 15.9.2024

The Capital
– Samples of Jyväskylä Rap

18.5.2024 – 5.1.2025

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18.5. – 15.9.2024
Aalto2 Jyväskylä