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The Nordic Master in Architectural Heritage – NORDMAK – is an academic supplementary programme.

What is NORDMAK?

NORDMAK bridges the gap between theory and practice and provides students with skills in theory formation, exploration, doc- umentation and a value-based work method within the subject area as well as process management skills. Specific topics such as world heritage and cultural environment are on the curriculum, just as sustainability in the built cultural heritage is included.

NORDMAK is a Nordic master – you spend one week in each of the first four semesters in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, respectively.

NORDMAK is an investment in the future – for the cultural heritage, for the workplace and for you as a student. You will be a front- runner within the work of understanding, reinforcing and communicating the archi- tectural cultural heritage in buildings, cities, cultural environments and landscapes.

NORDMAK improves your skills both professionally and methodically, so that you can develop, manage and disseminate the architectural cultural heritage at a high level.

Read more at Aarhus School of Architecture website: NORDMAK 2021-2023


NORDMAK contributes to your personal development. With a theoretical starting point, you will be able to argue for your case, you will learn to convey the subject area to a wide field of stakeholders, and you will be equipped to give your specialist knowledge impact.

NORDMAK is aimed at fully-qualified graduates who work professionally with architectural heritage – architects, engineers, designers, planners, construction caseworkers, archaeologists, historians, museum inspectors and more from both private and public companies, organizations and administrations.

NORDMAK is based in Denmark, at Aarhus School of Architecture. The programme
is, however, inter-Nordic with close cooperation between our school andThe Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Royal Institute of Art (KKH) in Stockholm and Aalto University in Helsinki, involving teachers and students from all the Nordic countries.

NORDMAK creates the foundation for you to become part of a Nordic expert network. The programme was set up in 2007 and has been approved byThe Danish Ministry of Culture.

More information about NORDMAK 2021-2023 in English (PDF)

NORDMAK 2021-2023 (PDF, Svensk)

NORDMAK 2021-2023 (PDF, Dansk)


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