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Alvar Aalto designed these blocks of flats in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki, for the employees of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. Seen in the cityscape the redbrick high-rise blocks form an integrated whole.

Designed in



Finland, Helsinki

— 1

Residential-building façade. Photo: Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Museum

— 2

Floor plan of one of the flats. Drawing: Alvar Aalto Museum

— 3

The piazza forming the centre of the group of blocks of flats. Photo: Alvar Aalto Museum

— 4

The loft floor is intended to be used differently from the residential floors, and this is reflected in the different brick-overlap pattern in the façade. Photo: Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Museum

— 5

The balconies look out onto the yard. Photo: Fethulla Ädhäm, Alvar Aalto Museum

— 6

Alvar Aalto skiing in the yard area. Photo: Alvar Aalto Museum