Alvar Aalto Symposium is an international forum for discussion on contemporary architecture. It is a triennial event, that brings professionals from around the world together to engage in current topics in architecture. The aim is to raise critical discussion about the artistic, social and technical challenges of contemporary architecture.

The 14th Alvar Aalto Symposium will be held in Jyväskylä, Finland. This time the focus is on current challenges and possibilities of future housing design and construction in urban areas. Program consists of general lectures which are intended to offer us a comprehensive understanding of the theme. In addition, we will have two sets of thematic lectures and one set of parallel sessions with a panel discussion. These lectures will focus on four specific viewpoints: Cultural variables, Sharing, Adaptability and Emerging typologies. Symposium is chaired by architect, professor Markku Hedman. The language of the event is English.

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