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10:30–12:00  Registration for the seminar
12:00–12:30  Opening of the seminar, Chair, Professor Markku Hedman
12:30–13:00  Keynote lecture, Ari Hynynen Alvar Aalto’s Civic Centre in Seinäjoki Seen through the Lenses of Bruno Zevi

SESSION HUMAN – Call for Papers, Moderator, Markku Karjalainen

13:00–13:30  Szymon Ruszczewski The historical heritage and the disabled – Italy study case
13:30–13:50  Taisto Mäkelä “Technology or Humanism?”
13:50–14:20  CHIU Chen-Yu ja HSIEH Ying-chun People’s Architecture: Architect HSIEH Ying-Chun and his post-disaster reconstruction work in East Asia

Coffee break

SESSION HUMAN – Call for Innovations, Moderator, Ari Hynynen

15:00–15:30  Paola Ardizzola, Esin Bolukbas Dayi ja Begüm Soyek A shelter is not enough: a pattern for refugees’ social life
15:30–16:00  Carlo Consonni ja Mario Fosso The rise of a city – Technological innovations for human well-being in the built environment in Bienne (CH) and Borgosesia (IT): “a quite honest confrontation”
16:00–16:30  Keynote-esitys Markku Karjalainen Survey of inhabitants of multi-story timber frame houses in Finland
19:00–22:00  Evening party



10:30–11:00  Keynote lecture Henrika Pihlajaniemi Engaging People for Human Smart City Experiences

SESSION THEORY – Call for Papers, Moderator, Pekka Heikkinen

11:00–11:30  Ulrike Passe Performance, data and the expanding field of sustainable design
11:30–11:50  Mario Fosso Alvar Aalto Rivisited:Towards a Well-Tempered Architecture
11:50–12:10  Mikko Mäki How Architecture Can Re-Construct Political – Theoretical Manual for Hypercapitalistic Arab Gulf States
12:10–12:40  Marianna Heikinheimo Tectonics of facades designed by Alvar Aalto

Lunch break

SESSION DIGI – Call for Papers, Moderator, Henrika Pihlajaniemi

13:50–14:20  Jonathan Boelkins DESIGNATION – Lessons in Digital Construction from Villa Mairea
14:20–14:40  Anssi Savisaari Project management and communicational challenges in renovation projects with point cloud data utilization
14:40–15:10  Pia Fricker Digital Landscape Architecture Laboratory: “Landscape in Transformation – Interactive Data-Sets in Virtual Reality”

Coffee break

SESSION DIGI – Call for Innovations, Moderator, Markku Hedman

15:50–16:20  Tommi Teronen TEATIME VR SHOWROOM
16:20–16:50  Keynote lectre, Pekka Heikkinen Experiments in Building – Successes and Failures
16:50–17:00  Closing of the seminar, Chair, Markku Hedman

The organizers reserve the right to alter the programme.