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6th International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Contemporary Architecture will be held on 14–15 September 2017 in Seinäjoki, Finland. The main theme of the seminar is Technology and Humanism.

In this seminar, we are looking for contributions that acknowledge the relationship between evolving technology and changing premises for human wellbeing within the context of the built environment. The seminar program includes keynote speeches and presentations based on selected papers and innovations.

The chair of the seminar is Markku Hedman, the Director of Alvar Aalto Academy. The four keynote speakers and moderators of the seminar are Pekka Heikkinen, Ari Hynynen, Markku Karjalainen and Henrika Pihlajaniemi.

The seminar is part of the Alvar Aalto Week, which will be held on 13-17 September 2017 in Seinäjoki, Finland. Alvar Aalto Week is arranged by the Alvar Aalto Academy / Alvar Aalto Foundation in collaboration with the City of Seinäjoki and a wide group of partners.


Event info

14. – 15.9.2017
Seinäjoki City Hall Seinäjoki
Seminar tickets

Full registration €120

One day registration €80

Student (undergraduate) €40

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Alvar Aalto Academy / Alvar Aalto Foundation