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Seinäjoki Town Hall, Alvar Aalto 1959-60. Photo Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Museum. ©Alvar Aalto Foundation.


The Alvar Aalto Academy arranges the 6th International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Contemporary Architecture in Seinäjoki, Finland on 14-15 September, 2017.

Theme of the seminar is Technology and Humanism. Chairman of the event, director of the Alvar Aalto Academy, Markku Hedman says he is glad that the seminar is raising a wide variety of topics and viewpoints reflecting the current state of architecture and construction. “In the future we will have a lot of challenges to resolve and a lot of interesting opportunities to take advantage of,” he says.

The uniquely multifaceted programme of this architectural gathering is divided into three sessions on research and innovation with the titles: HumanTheory and Digi. The seminar will look at new potentials in developing technology in the construction sector and their relevance to human wellbeing. This subject has sparked a lot of interest internationally and a total of 18 talks will be given over the two days of the seminar. These will cover technological developments related to construction and the use of buildings from both a practical and theoretical viewpoint. “The seminar will, for example, give people a chance to hear about the latest applications in virtual reality and topical issues in sustainable construction,”Hedman says.

See the whole program of the 6th International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Contemporary Architecture here.

Chairman of the 6th International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Contemporary Architecture is Markku Hedman. Keynote speakers and the session moderators are professors Pekka Heikkinen, Ari Hynynen, Markku Karjalainen and architect Henrika Pihlajaniemi.

Markku Hedman
 is director of Alvar Aalto Academy, and also Professor for housing design in Tampere University of Technology (TUT). He is the  founder and director of ASUTUT, a research group focused on housing design. He is a popular keynote speaker in  urban development and housing design conferences and  a member in the boards of the leading Finnish housing development organizations.

Pekka Heikkinen works as the Professor of Wood Architecture in Aalto University. He’s expertise are wood construction, eco-efficient building design and architectural design. He has participated in several research and development projects and received international and national awards in the field of wood construction.

Ari Hynynen is Professor of Architectural and Urban Research (Alvar Aalto Chair) at Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Laboratory of Architecture. He is also the director of the Seinäjoki Urban Laboratory. He has led several projects, explored topical issues of urban and regional development and specialised in analysing and modelling urban structures and processes by using GIS methods and developing new ones.

Markku Karjalainen works as the Docent of timber construction and wood architecture and Associate professor (Architectural Construction) at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT), School of Architecture. He has been advancing Finnish large-scale industrial timber construction (multi-story timber apartment buildings, wooden public buildings, wooden halls, and wooden bridges) full time for the past 20 years.

Henrika Pihlajaniemi is Architect (M.Sc.), D.Sc. (Tech), lighting designer and researcher. She lectures and teaches Architectural and Urban Lighting in the Oulu School of Architecture, University of Oulu. She is specialised in research projects concerning daylighting, housing façades, participatory design and adaptive lighting. Currently, she is leading “SenCity – Intelligent lighting as a service platform for innovative cities” project.

Same time with the International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Contemporary Architecture Alvar Aalto Academy arranges the Alvar Aalto week. Read more about the event here.


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