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Alvar Aalto participated during his lifetime in over 500 building projects, of which almost 100 were outside Finland. For over 50 years he actively participated in developing the built environment, networked with the most significant influential figures of his time and spoke as well as wrote about architecture.

Alvar_Aalto_What_WhenAlvar Aalto – What & When? is a reference e-book on both Aalto’s implemented and unimplemented designs, compiled in chronological order according to year and alphabetical order according to locality. Each year starts with an introduction which describes Aalto’s trips, the people he met and significant events in his work and private life. The texts are enlivened by quotes from Aalto’s writings and speeches as well as colourful writings by his contemporaries, which bring the human side of the architect Aalto closer to the reader.

An abundance of versatile illustrations – approximately 70 drawings and photographs over a time span of 70 years – complements the detailed information package. In addition to the chronological material, Aalto’s complete CV, his membership of both Finnish and international societies, his titles, awards and competition prizes, as well as a list of his competition pseudonyms.

The e-book is an indispensable reference source for researchers and everyone interested in Aalto’s architecture. The search functions enable the fast retrieval of the information – whether one is looking for an individual building, person, place, or year. Published also in Finnish in a name of Alvar Aalto – mitä & milloin.

Alvar Aalto – What & When

Authors: Hästesko, Arne (ed.)
Publishers: Alvar Aalto Foundation
Publishing company: Rakennustieto Oy
Published: 2013
Languages: English
Number of pages: 107
Product type: eBooks
ISBN: 978-952-267-051-9

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