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AALTOsites presents a selection of buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, including Finlandia Hall and the House of Culture. The various periods and types of building in Aalto’s architecture are represented. The selected sites give a comprehensive overview of Aalto’s architecture in the Helsinki region.

The AALTOsites app can be downloaded into the user’s smartphone, and is then available wherever the user is. It does not require an internet connection, but also contains links to further information and services online.

The location service shows the user’s position on a map and the distances to Aalto-designed buildings. The integrated map service works without an Internet connection and guides the user to Aalto-designed buildings. The access information also indicates whether a building is open to the public.

AALTOsites encourages users to consider the way that time affects a city’s development and architecture. AALTOsites is intended to inspire people to experience architecture personally and to see below the surface of buildings. It uses archive material to reveal interesting details of the buildings and their historical backgrounds. Via the buildings users also gain insight into Alvar Aalto’s design.

AALTOsites is a service for travellers to Helsinki. The app, including its maps, works without an Internet connection, but also contains links to external services online.

The first version of the app contains a selection of Aalto’s architecture in the Helsinki area and runs on iPhones and Android devices. The selection will subsequently be extended to include buildings in the Jyväskylä region, the ultimate aim being to expand AALTOsites to cover all of Alvar Aalto’s architecture worldwide.

AALTOsites is the Alvar Aalto Museum’s first step into the world of mobile communication, and opens up new ways of approaching Alvar Aalto’s architecture. The technical implementation of the app has been done by Whatamap Oy.

AALTOsites will be downloadable from 12.6 – Helsinki Day. The app works in Finnish, English, Swedish and Spanish.

AALTO sites press release 11.5.2012 (PDF)

Further information:
Producer Tomi Summanen,, tel. +358 44 555 7337
Alvar Aalto Museum