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The exhibition uses photography to offer a new perspective on the life and work of one of modern architecture’s leading figures, architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). The exhibition consists of a previously unseen selection of architectural photographs from the Alvar Aalto Museum archive.

 The Aaltos’ interest in modernist photography was also reflected in their own family album – most of the photographs being taken by Aino Aalto.

The pictures show how photographers of various eras have seen Aalto’s buildings and approached his persona through the camera lens. Aalto understood the importance of photography as an expressive means of marketing his architecture early on. He employed the best photographers of his day, including Gustaf Welin, Eino Mäkinen, Heikki Havas and Kari Hakli. Images from the museum’s collection taken in later decades by photographers Martti Kapanen and Maija Holma are also an important part of the exhibition.

The exhibition in Kouvola launches the Alvar Aalto Foundation’s series of touring exhibitions.


Further information:
Mari Forsberg
Producer / Alvar Aalto Foundation
Tel. +358 45 679 0920

Event info

1.2. – 17.3.2020
Kouvola Main Library Kouvola
Free entrance.