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Combining dance and architecture, the short film showcases Alvar Aalto’s built environment in Kouvola. Aalto’s architecture is human at heart – a principle which is reflected in each of his designs, for every aspect of life. A play between space, human form and solid architecture creates a dreamlike journey through the city.

The film is directed by David Jakob and choreographed by Jack Traylen. The dancers are Katerina Torp and Oskari Nyyssölä. Music is composed by Emil Sana. The film was produced by Koski Syväri.

Director: David Jakob

Movement Director: Jack Traylen

Dancer 1: Katerina Torp

Dancer 2: Oskari Nyyssölä 

Producer: Ilona Malinen

Production Company: Koski Syväri

Graphic Design: Judith Jakob

Colorist: Mika Onnela via Post Control

Music & Composer: Emil Sana


Length: 4min 50s

The film has been sponsored by Arela.

The film will have its premiere on the Alvar Aalto Week, during a free movie night on which the documentary film Aalto by Virpi Suutari will also be seen:

Image: © Judith Jakob

Event info

Thursday 19.8.2021 6 PM
Kymenlaakson opisto Inkeroinen
free entrance

Marintie 9, 46900 Inkeroinen


Aalto Inkeroinen ry, Anjalankosken Elokuvakerho and Kymenlaakson Opisto