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This fitting gives a feeling of being a flying object – in fact it has been nicknamed “Lentävä lautanen” (Flying Saucer). The basic elements consist of a series of concentric rings nested slightly inside each other, a saucer-shaped reflector and a stem.


Alvar Aalto 1956

Product number

A 337

— 1

Light fitting A 337, "Flying saucer". Photo: Ilmari Kostiainen, Alvar Aalto Museum.

— 2

Flying saucer at the University of Jyväskylä. Photo: Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Museum.

— 3

Flying saucer exhibited in the Alvar Aalto Museum. Photo: Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Museum.

— 4

Light fitting Flying saucer. Photo: Simo Rista, Alvar Aalto Museum.