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The load-bearing legs and arm-rests of this lightweight armchair were made according to the previously invented manufacturing method for Aalto furniture: solid timber slats sawn very thin were glued on top of each other and bent in a mould to the shape of the curve. The frame of the chair remains visible due to the lightness of the upholstery. Rattan, leather or linen fabric was used for the upholstery.


Alvar Aalto 1947


Huonekalutehdas Korhonen Oy

— 1

Armchair 45 with cane seat. Photo: Martti Kapanen, Alvar Aalto Museum.

— 2

Seat variations of armchair 45: webbed linen, cane and quilted canvas. Photo: Markku Alatalo, Alvar Aalto Museum.

— 3

Armchairs in the covered marble courtyard of Rautatalo office building. Photo: Alvar Aalto Museum.