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Alvar Aalto and a scale model of the Finnish pavilion at the World Exposition in Paris 1937. Photo © Alvar Aalto Foundation

What is currently being discussed in Alvar Aalto research? The virtual, two-day (Ever)green Alvar Aalto Researchers’ Network Seminar on May 6–7, 2021, broadcast from Pori Art Museum, provides a unique opportunity to follow the presentations of thirty top researchers from around the world. 

The virtual seminar will open up a broad, global landscape and several new inroads into the multidimensional world of the international cosmopolitan architect Alvar Aalto. The main themes discussed are SUSTAINABILITY – the sustainable design principles in Alvar Aalto’s architecture; REFLECTIONS – reflections and impacts of Aalto’s works in the global field of architecture; and RESTORATION and REUSE – the principles of sustainable development in the renovation and reuse of Aalto’s buildings.

Among the keynote speakers, Professor Antonello Alici talks about Alvar Aalto’s humanistic Italian influences, architect Gunny Harboe talks about Frank Lloyd Wrights’ buildings, architect Teemu Tuomi describes the latest situation regarding the renovation of Aalto’s Finlandia Hall, and architect Tapani Mustonen tells about the accuracy of renovation and creativity in design.

Other presentations will explore, for instance, the connections between Aalto’s work and the Islamic cultural heritage, and how Aalto himself contributed to the Modernism in Denmark, Portugal and Scotland. In addition to Europe, fascinating new global connections to the USA, China and Japan will also be discussed. Current principles of sustainable development planning and the design and symbolism of green areas, for instance in the grounds of Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium, also come to light in the presentations. Novel interdisciplinary presentations are also on the seminar programme. For example, artist Silja Rantanen has studied Aalto’s design works placed among the collections of New York sculptor Donald Judd. Read more.

Alvar Aalto research goes virtual in May 2021! Pre-recorded presentations will be available throughout the seminar on 6.-7.5.2021. All ticketholders will also be able to enjoy access to the entire recorded programme two months after the seminar. A richly illustrated seminar proceedings will be published (in English) in print form as well as a digital version.

The new Alvar Aalto Research page connecting Alvar Aalto researchers – including an Alvar Aalto bibliography, information about new studies and future seminars, and much more – will open 6.5.2021, together with the seminar proceedings, at:

Don’t forget to join the Alvar Aalto Researcher’s Network Facebook group for current news and related discussion.

The international Alvar Aalto Researchers’ Network Seminar is organized jointly by the Alvar Aalto Academy, the City of Pori, and other partners.

(Ever)green Alvar Aalto Researchers’ Network Seminar
Virtual two-day event 6.–7.5.2021

Ticket price 50 € 1.4.–7.5.2021
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Further information:
Nina Heikkonen, Programme manager
Alvar Aalto Foundation
+ 358 44 500 1257

Aila Svenskberg, Communications, PRESS
Alvar Aalto Foundation
+358 40 659 1930


Photo: Alvar Aalto and a scale model of the Finnish pavilion at the World Exposition in Paris 1937, © Alvar Aalto Foundation.

The press release is udpated on April 1st, 2021.