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Good news to all of you Aalto fans coming to Finland in December! Until now, the Aalto House (Riihitie 20, Helsinki) has had reduced opening times in December and January, but from now on, the building can be visited Tue-Sat even in December and January! On weekdays (Tue-Fri), the Aalto House can be visited with a guided tour at 13:00 (one guided tour per day). Moreover, on Saturdays, there are as many as three tours available: at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00! There are no regular tours on Sundays and Mondays, though, but private visits and group tours can be arranged on demand even on those days.

Alvar Aallon kotitalo. Kuva: Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto -museo.

The Aalto House. Photo: Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Museum.

In case you are interested in a combined tour of the Aalto House and the Studio Aalto, the Studio (Tiilimäki 20, Helsinki) is open in December and January as usual, Tue-Sat at 11:30 (one tour per day)! Download our map for details: Alvar Aalto Foundation Sites Map Helsinki January 2017 (PDF)