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AJATONTA – Aallon arkkitehtuuria Rovaniemellä. Kuva: Alvar Aalto -museo / Maija Holma

TIMELESS – Aalto’s architecture in Rovaniemi. Photo: Alvar Aalto Museum / Maija Holma.

TIMELESS – Aalto’s architecture in Rovaniemi,
a new exhibition at the Alvar Aalto Museum, takes an in-depth look at Alvar Aalto’s work in and around Rovaniemi. As well as the administrative and cultural centre, the works on show include lesser-known residential and commercial buildings. The exhibition, collated by the Provincial Museum of Lapland, will be open in the Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Museum from 1.11.2013 to 2.2.2014.

Aalto’s work in Rovaniemi began as early as the 1940s with master planning. Over the decades that followed, various buildings were constructed such as the Aho residential and commercial complex in the city centre and the Korkalorinne housing scheme, built according to the garden suburb ideal. Aalto’s monumental architecture is represented by the Town Hall, the Library and Lappia Hall completed between the 1960s and the 1980s.

As well as the architecture, Aalto’s buildings are examined from the viewpoint of visitors, employees and residents. “The experiences of users provide an alternative, complementary viewpoint on Aalto’s buildings, which allows room for critical comment,” says Charlotte Malaprade who has written the exhibition texts.

The Alvar Aalto Museum has supplemented the Timeless exhibition with local comment from Jyväskylä. Experiences of living in the Viitatorni multi-storey block in Jyväskylä are told by the residents themselves in words and pictures.

The exhibition was previously on show at the Provincial Museum of Lapland.

The exhibition will be opened at 18.00 on Thursday 31.10.2013 at the Alvar Aalto Museum. Welcome!

TIMELESS – Aalto’s architecture in Rovaniemi
In the Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Museum
Alvar Aallon katu 7
40600 Jyväskylä
open Tue–Sun 11.00–18.00

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