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7th International Alvar Aalto Design Seminar NEW WAVE

24-25 August 2013, Jyväskylä Finland

The photos can be used in articles about the Alvar Aalto Design Seminar 2013. Please credit the photos accordingly and send us a copy of the publication. For additional photos and enquiries, please contact Annukka Pakarinen for details (annukka.pakarinen(a)

Alice Rawsthorn_credit International Herald Tribune

Alice Rawsthorn, credit International Herald Tribune.

Harri Koskinen_ credit Timo Junttila

Harri Koskinen, credit Timo Junttila.

Ineke Hans_portrait_credit Gerard van Bree

Ineke Hans, credit Gerard van Bree.

Ineke Hans_Welland Chairs and Dining Table

Ineke Hans, Welland Chairs and Dining Table.

Ineke Hans_Offecct Smallroom Sofa

Ineke Hans, Offecct Smallroom Sofa.

Ineke Hans_Rabobank interior

Ineke Hans, Rabobank interior.

Ineke Hans_Swing Wing for One Red

Ineke Hans, Swing Wing for One Red.

Maurizio Mussati_portrait_credit Established & Sons

Maurizio Mussati, credit Established & Sons.

Maurizio Mussati_Surface table_Photo Peter Guenzel_Established&Sons

Maurizio Mussati, Surface table, Established&Sons, credit Peter Guenzel.

Sam Hecht_portrait_credit Industrial Facility

Sam Hecht, credit Industrial Facility.

Sam Hecht_mh plus sh back

Sam Hecht, mh plus sh back.

Sam Hecht_Alumi chair designed for Tectona 2012

Sam Hecht, Alumi chair designed for Tectona 2012.

Sam Hecht_Branca ash wood

Sam Hecht, Branca ash wood.

Sam Hecht_London in a bag

Sam Hecht, London in a bag.

Stephen Burks_portrait_credit Danny Bright

Stephen Burks, credit Danny Bright.

Stephen Burks_Man made triple basket lamp 2011

Stephen Burks, Man made triple basket lamp 2011.

Stephen Burks_Calligaris variations_Totem Area51

Stephen Burks, Calligaris variations, Totem Area51.

Stephen Burks_Dedon Dala

Stephen Burks, Dedon Dala.

Ville Kokkonen_portrait_credit Chikako Harada

Ville Kokkonen, credit Chikako Harada.

ARTEK lights

Ville Kokkonen, ARTEK lights, credit Tuomas Uusheimo.

ARTEK lights

Ville Kokkonen, ARTEK lights, credit Tuomas Uusheimo.

ARTEK lights

Ville Kokkonen, ARTEK lights, credit Tuomas Uusheimo.