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The Alvar Aalto Foundation is currently setting up a Finnish Alvar Aalto Route, which will bring together the internationally best-known highpoints of the Finnish architect’s career from 1920s to the 1970s. The route is intended to add to knowledge of the output of Alvar Aalto, who was both an architecture and designer, and to increase interest and understanding of the built environment.

The route is being developed as a collaboration between Finnish cities that host important Aalto architectural sites. The workgroup’s meetings have been attended by representatives of the members of the Alvar Aalto Cities Network set up a year ago and of the main local tourism bodies. Five Aalto-route workshops will be held in different parts of Finland during the winter and spring.

In addition to Aalto’s architectural sites, the route project will bring together a variety of high-quality tourism services that support its theme. These will be integrated to form the Visit Alvar Aalto online service, which will cater to both individual travellers and groups. The online service will be completed in spring 2018 and will be accompanied by the production of a guide map.

This Alvar Aalto Foundation-coordinated project has received backing from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s project fund for the productization of cultural tourism. The future goal is to expand the national Aalto Route abroad, too, when it will form part of the Council of Europe’s cultural routes programme.

Please direct questions about the Alvar Aalto Tourist Route project to:
Director Tommi Lindh, Alvar Aalto Foundation,, +358 44 562 1625
Producer Noora Kiili, Alvar Aalto Route, Alvar Aalto Foundation,, +358 44 976 7810
Communications Mirkka Vidgrén, Alvar Aalto Foundation,, +358 40 168 5142

Photo: Terrace House, Kauttua, Eura. Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Foundation.