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Alvar Aalto  Museum  / Bio Alppi 12.4.-2.9.2012

Alvar Aalto Museum features Portuguese architect Paulo David, the 11th winner of Alvar Aalto Medal. Funchal-born Paulo David (b. 1959) graduated as an architect in Lisbon  and has worked  on his home  island  in the Madeira archipelago since 2003. The rugged  topography  is mirrored  in the style of his architecture, which is contemporary, yet timeless. Geographically remote from the Portuguese mainland, Madeira is a volcanic island famed for its craggy mountainous cliffs and sweeping  ocean views, its coastline mercilessly exposed to the elements. David’s varied  projects include private homes,  residential developments, art galleries, museums and swimming pools featuring  massive basalt surfaces, terraced  platforms and water features that are subtly  integrated with the natural scenery and architectural heritage of  Madeira. His architectural vocabulary is modern yet ageless,  local yet  universal, vigorous yet serene.

“In searching  for  my  place  in this ever-globalizing  world,  I have  been  lucky  to find  a distinctive  style with a strong  sense of  local  identity. Building  in Madeira is like  making  a  meal out of  sparse  ingredients: the  architect  is at  the  mercy  of  nature,  forced  to constantly search  for  new  alternatives  and  opportunities,  stretching every  inch  and  reshaping  the space.”


David´s best-known  works  include  the  Casa das Mudas  Art Centre (2004), the Do Atlântico Swimming Pools and Das Salinas Promenade (2004), the São Vicente Volcanism Pavilion (2006),  Funchal  05  House (2006) and  the Residence Funchal Hotel (2008). The exhibition has been produced by the Museum of Finnish Architecture in close cooperation with Paulo David’s office, and features original drawings and a video about David’s architecture.

The award ceremony took place at the WDC Design Gala at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti on February 2nd.  Honouring  Finland’s  most famous architect, the Alvar Aalto Medal recognises creative excellence in the field of architecture. Designed by Aalto, it is conferred by its founders, the Museum of  Finnish Architecture,  the Architectural  Society of Finland  and  the Finnish Architects’ Association together with the Alvar Aalto Foundation and  the  City  of  Helsinki. More information on Alvar Aalto Medal 2012
For  further  information  and  image  requests,  please contact:

Mari Murtoniemi, Educational Curator,, t. +358 400 254 708

Alvar Aalto Museum

Address Alvar Aallon katu 7, 40100 Jyväskylä

Admission fee 6/4€