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The third successive Alvar Aalto week is being organised in two Alvar Aalto cities – paimio and turku on 23 august to 1 september 2019.


Alvar Aalto Week is a living city event open to all, with themes that emerge from architecture, design, and art. During the week, it will be possible to see and hear guided tours, exhibitions, lectures, and some very surprising events on various themes in a multi-art spirit.

In Turku, the events naturally focus on Alvar Aalto and Erik Bryggman and their production, which exudes modern architecture.  Exhibitions built around the topic, lectures, and guided city tours take visitors to the roots of functionalism, and one landmark in this that is worthy of mention is the renowned implementation of the Turku Fair of 1929, which attracted much attention, and which had been designed together by contemporary architects.

Sights in Paimio include Time in Light (Aika Valossa) dance performances in the surroundings of the Paimio Sanatorium, a dazzling piece of functionalist architecture of the 1920s and 1930s. In the Electrical Museum, you can check the Light in the Sanatorium exhibition, which tells about the lighting solutions implemented in the Paimio Sanatorium. During the week, it will also be possible to experience the outdoors when the Street O orienteering event dives into the surroundings of the area.

Alvar Aalto Week is held in turn in a different Alvar Aalto city around Finland, and the host is always the city that chairs the Network of Alvar Aalto Cities. ”The idea for the event emerged in the first year of operation of the Alvar Aalto Cities, when we considered how the network might also be seen by those who do not take part in the actual gatherings of experts”, says Tommi Lindh, Managing Director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

”The event will give visibility to the Network of Alvar Aalto Cities and its activities among the public at large. The best thing about Alvar Aalto Week is that the programme attracts people in large numbers, and to take part in events, of which there are dozens for many different tastes”, Lindh says.

So again this year there is a vast variety of events whose programme will be available at:

The cities of Paimio and Turku will be responsible for arrangements for the week, together with the Alvar Aalto Foundation, as well as numerous collaborative partners.

Further information:
Alvar Aalto Foundation
Programme Manager Nina Heikkonen
tel. +358 44 500 1257