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Let’s Build the School! exhibition opening in April displays children’s and young people’s ideas about what a pleasant, functional future learning environment would look like.

The pupils at Onerva Mäki School have spent two school years working on ideas for their future school building, under the guidance of professionals from various art disciplines. The pupils have particularly thought about what the architecture should take into account to meet the challenges of vision and hearing impairment.

Näyttelyyn tulevien grafiikantöiden valmistelua.  Näyttelyyn tulevien grafiikantöiden valmistelua. Valokuva: Jorge Raedó.

Let’s Build the School! exhibition. Photo: Jorge Raedó.

The result of this collaboration is the pupils’ visual-art works made using various techniques, along with an opera, which the students will be performing for the city’s third-graders. Let’s Build the School! exhibition reveals how the pupils carried out this artistic work as part of a unique process, in which the their personal experiences and observations have had a direct impact on the design of their new learning environment. The exhibition is open to everyone.

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Let’s Build the School!
Onerva Mäki School architecture opera and pupils’ exhibition
Alvar Aalto Museum Gallery

Tues–Sun, 11–18
Maundy Thursday 17.4 at 11–16
Good Friday 18.4 closed

Alvar Aallon katu 7
40600 Jyväskylä
tel. +358 (0)14 266 7113

Further information about the exhibition:
Educational Curator Mirkka Vidgrén, tel. +358 (0)400 254 708, mirkka.vidgren(a)