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The programme and speakers for this August’s seventh Alvar Aalto Design Seminar – NEW WAVE – have been confirmed. This year, six internationally renowned lecturers will be looking for a boundary-breaking new wave in design, one without preconceptions. The latest of the band of speakers to confirm attendance is American designer Stephen Burks, widely recognized for his communal projects in the developing countries.

Aalto sem. 13 logo pieniIn addition to Burks, also speaking will be International Herald Tribunes design critic Alice Rawsthorn, Dutch designer Ineke Hans, renowned Muji designer Sam Hecht, and the CEO of Established & Sons Maurizio Mussati.

The Finnish designers contributing will be Artek Design Director Ville Kokkonen and the chair of the Design Seminar Harri Koskinen. The choice of lecturers and the overall theme bear Koskinen’s signature.

“For this year’s Design Seminar Harri Koskinen has chosen some interesting, influential speakers from around the world. Their vision of the new wave is not necessarily about breaking the rules, but more of an experimental approach,” says Director of the Alvar Aalto Academy Esa Laaksonen.

The Design Seminar, arranged by the Alvar Aalto Museum and Academy, takes place in Jyväskylä on 24–25 August 2013.

The international Design Seminar, held every three years, was set up as a discussion forum to keep alive the spirit of the functional and ecological design principle represented by Alvar Aalto. The first seminar, Design for Architecture, was in 1995.

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