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Inka Kivalo (b. 1956) is a one of the leading names in modern Finnish textile art. Her colourist works combine ancient weaving and embroidery techniques with an intuitive painterliness.

As a counterweight to the gobelin tapestries created at her loom Kivalo also works more freely with malleable objects. The textile sculptures with human shapes made by embroidering occupy the exhibition as if they were both artworks and viewers.

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Further information:
Alvar Aalto Museum
Tel. +358 40 135 6210

Inka Kivalo´s works at the Gallery of the Alvar Aalto Museum. Photo Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Event info

21.2. – 26.4.2020 Closed
Alvar Aalto Museum, Gallery Jyväskylä
6 / 4 €, free entrance with the museum card.