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The 13th International Alvar Aalto Symposium will be held on 7–9 August 2015 in Jyväskylä, Finland. This year’s international figures include American architect Greg Lynn, one of the Symposium’s keynote speakers. In line with the event’s theme – DO! – speakers will be rolling up their sleeves and personally opening up about what architects and urban planners really do.

DoAalto_nelio_hashtag-05Along with Greg Lynn, a number of other world-renowned architects will take the podium. These include India’s Rahul Mehrotra, known for his ethical, human-driven projects, Henriette Vamberg of Denmark’s Gehl Architects, a master of urban design that serves residents, and the event’s moderator, David Basulto, editor of ArchDaily, who has transformed a small Chilean web publication into an internationally-recognised architectural media.

The symposium’s DO! theme challenges the speakers and participants to examine architecture from the perspective of doing. The aim is to shed light on how architects envision what they do and how the process is shaped by the approach that they take to their work. Processes of doing will be explored through digital, local, material and social perspectives.

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