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The Alvar Aalto Foundation has decided to begin the groundwork for getting Alvar Aalto sites added to the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

Cultural Route status would promote international interest in Aalto sites and their visibility as an important part of Europe’s cultural heritage. It would further open up new possibilities, for instance, for developing tourism and for applying for relevant funding.

“The Alvar Aalto Route has a good chance of being promoted into the ranks of the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes, since previous collaboration with Alvar Aalto Cities and the Visit Alvar Aalto online service has sparked interest from the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes organization, too,” says Managing Director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation Tommi Lindh.

Cultural Route status is granted only to the most significant European tourist routes, those that will increase understanding of and respect for shared European values, and by their actions promote the sustainable development of culture, cultural-heritage education, and tourism centred on it.

“The Cultural Route application is being drawn up together with Alvar Aalto Cities in Finland and Europe, and with Alvar Aalto tourist sites. We need the participation of business people, along with culture and tourism workers, who are involved with Aalto sites.” says Producer, the Alvar Aalto Route, Noora Kiili.

The cities and tourism operators will take the issue further at a joint Alvar Aalto Route networking event in Jyväskylä on May 7 ̶ 8, 2019.

The application cannot be submitted to the Council of Europe until autumn 2019 at the earliest.

More information about the Council of Europe´s Cultural Routes:

Alvar Aalto Route:

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