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The guided tour will feature Pertti Männistö’s magnificent Aalto collection, which is on display in the museum’s large exhibition space.

The present exhibition Diverse Design – 30 years of passionate collecting and Männistö´s collection particularly represents the very first steps in Aino and Alvar Aalto’s industrial design. It illustrates how versatile designers Aalto was and how devoted they were to their design work for a beautiful and high-quality everyday environment. Also systematically collected, the different variations of the same model of furniture shed light on the arc of development of specific objects.

The guide of the English-language tour is Curator Mari Murtoniemi.

You may follow the guided tour on the Alvar Aalto Foundation´s Instagram Channel (@alvaraaltofoundation).

Event info

Wednesday 20.1.2021 18-19
IG @alvaraaltofoundaton