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How would it be if one day you woke up from a dream and found that everyday reality was only a stage-set that was more reminiscent of dreams than wakefulness?

Valve is a role-playing campaign to be played in Helsinki, in which those taking part are given the chance to experience the everyday urban environment as a stage-set for a fantastic adventure. Urban architecture has a key part to play in the game both as a source of content and as the building blocks of the game story.

Valve and the Alvar Aalto Museum approach role-play as a learning tool with content from special fields.

Valve begins in May (21.5.2011) as a campaign involving a team of around thirty persons. It will be played four times a year for a period of three years. To begin with, the events in the game will be located mainly in the Helsinki area, but will extend to other towns and cities as the campaign proceeds.

Valve, which is supported by the Alvar Aalto Museum and Ropecon, is being implemented by a working group as a voluntary project.

Valve authors:
Katri Lassila, MA
Katri Lassila is doing research for her doctoral thesis in the Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design at the Aalto University School of Art and Design.
Antti Kanner, MPhil
Antti Kanner is doing Finnish language research and working at the University of Helsinki.
Petri Leinonen, BA
Petri Leinonen works at an advertising agency named Nitro.

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