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Alvar Aalto – Architetto, 14.11.1965-9.1.1966. Retrospektiivinen Alvar Aalto -näyttely. Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, Italia. Alvar Aalto retrospective. Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy. 1000×710. Alvar Aalto Museum, Poster Collection.

Alvar Aalto – Architetto, 14.11.1965-9.1.1966.
Alvar Aalto retrospective. Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy. Alvar Aalto Museum, Poster Collection.

The Alvar Aalto Museum exhibition Palazzo Strozzi and other Aalto posters from different decades opens this Wednesday at Studio Alvar Aalto in Helsinki’s Munkkiniemi. The exhibition presents arresting Artek and Aalto posters dating from the 1950s to the 1990s. In spring and summer 2013, the posters were part of a more extensive exhibition on show in the Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä.

Impressive, colourful examples of art – including posters – form an important part of the history of Alvar Aalto and of the Alvar Aalto Museum. They show the development of poster graphics over a period of sixty years while recording the handwork of numerous graphic designers. Sources of inspiration include Aalto’s sketches, finished buildings and design details.

The posters on show at Studio Aalto are associated with Aalto exhibitions in Finland and abroad, and with Aalto’s design work seen from the Artek angle.

“The posters on show include those made for the 1965 Aalto exhibition held at the Strozzi Palace in Florence and the Aalto exhibition that toured France in the 1970s, not to mention the Artek commemoration poster produced to celebrate the centenary of Aalto’s birth,” reveals Mia Hipeli, Chief Curator of the Alvar Aalto Museum.

As well as the posters chosen for the exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to take a peek at the Alvar Aalto Museum poster collection on-line. An interesting selection of posters not included in the exhibition has been put together on the Museum’s Pinterest site. These posters can be found at the following address

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Wednesday 23.10.2013, from 17.00 to 19.00. Welcome!

Palazzo Strozzi and other Aalto posters from different decades
Studio Alvar Aalto
Tiilimäki 20, Helsinki

For further information about the exhibition contact

Chief Curator Mia Hipeli,, +358 400 883 463

Press photographs
The photographs are password-protected. The password is available from Mari Forsberg on request