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Launched last autumn, the Alvar Aalto Museum’s product family has been given a fresh new look and complemented by four anticipated new products. The folder, sketchbook, poster tube and notepad, which were launched in April, now clearly bear the hand of Alvar Aalto. Drawings, sketches and hand-written notes for Aalto’s home building (the Aalto House), previously hidden away in archives, now appear as illustrations in the new spring products.

Alvar Aalto Museum product family. Photo: Maija Holma.

The products are a follow-up to the posters and bookmarks launched last autumn, and they have been conceived by the Alvar Aalto Museum’s product coordinator Nora  Langinvainio-Ikola and the graphic designer Timo Jaakola.

“Original small products have been in high demand. The design of new products seeks to better accommodate the wishes and needs of customers,” says Nora Langinvainio-Ikola.
“The products are an excellent medium to promote Alvar Aalto and his life’s work,” adds the Alvar Aalto Museum director Susanna Pettersson, who was involved in the conception of the product family.

The product series has, indeed, succeeded in reaching a target audience; the new products, with their beautiful colour options, make for a practical and high-quality gift for yourself or for a friend.

“In the future, we plan to introduce something new and exciting to the product family every year. Interesting ideas are already in the works for the near future,” asserts Nora Langinvainio-Ikola.

At the moment, the products are available at the Alvar Aalto Museum Shop in Jyväskylä, the museum shop at the Aalto House in Helsinki, and the online shop Later in the spring, items in the Alvar Aalto product series may be available at a selection of carefully chosen retailers.

More information:
Product coordinator Nora Langinvainio-Ikola,, tel. +358 50 354 1404
Alvar Aalto Museum

Alvar Aalto Museum Product Family, Press Release 11.5.2012 (PDF)