New Housing Solutions for Cities in Change

Urban housing and living are in a state of paradigmatic flux. Reducing energy consumption, increasing the density of community structures, and renovating the suburbs, as well as changes in the age structure of the population, all influence present housing design.

Alvar Aalto Symposium focuses on current challenges and possibilities of future housing design and construction in urban areas. The theme will be investigated for example from the following perspectives:

(Multi)cultural variables
What are the major cultural and intercultural changes in relation to housing? What kind of needs and desires are emerging currently? How can various cultural preferences be taken into account in an inclusive way in design process and design outcomes?

How can digitalization be used to spread decision-making to grass-root level and to serve the everyday housing and working needs of the dwellers? What kind of architecture is naturally responsive to the digital involvement of dwellers?

What novel experimental practices by and with the dwellers and other actors are being developed and how can they help to respond to the changing needs on dwellers in future cites.  Which qualitative features are valued by the residents and how these features can be realized in housing?

Shared spaces
What kind of new types of shared spaces and common spaces are emerging in housing? What uses can these new forms accommodate? What kind of architectural design concepts and practical solutions should be developed to enable new ways of sharing and using?

Which flexible space concepts and spatial solutions of various scales are relevant in contemporary urban housing? What kinds of building processes and ownership arrangements do these concepts and solutions require? What kind of spatial thinking produces adaptable and transformable architecture?

New Urban city structures and dense housing typologies
What kinds of urban design solutions and housing typologies are needed for densifying cites. What does new transportation system mean to the development of city structures and service networks.


The four-day program includes one-day scientific seminar, two-days seminar on innovative housing solutions, and a discussion forum concentrating on the future development of the housing area of Jätkäsaari in Helsinki organized in co-operation with the Housing Fare Finland Co.

Related to the symposium program, there will be an exhibition on Aalto as a housing designer at the Alvar Aalto -museum in Jyväskylä during 1 June – 16 September 2018.


Event info

30. – 31.8.2018
Main building of the University of Jyväskylä Jyväskylä
Tickets will be available in 2018
Further information

Alvar Aalto Academy

Program manager Nina Heikkonen
Tel. +358 44 500 1257


The event is organized by Alvar Aalto Academy / Alvar Aalto Foundation in cooperation with the City of Jyväskylä