Google’s Street View

Now, the public can not only visit the Museum, but also discover more about Alvar Aalto and various Aalto-designed buildings virtually via Google’s Cultural Institute and Street View.

Google’s Street View takes users on a virtual journey into the interiors of Aalto’s buildings.

Alvar Aalto Museum

Views: Alvar Aalto Museum, Alvar Aalto Foundation, tekijä: Google Maps

Alvar Aalto Museum, visitor information

Studio Aalto

Views: Alvar Aalto Studio, Alvar Aalto Foundation, tekijä: Google Maps

Studio Aalto, visitor information

Among the buildings viewable via this platform are Finlandia Hall, Säynätsalo Town Hall and the House of Culture. See other sites at Alvar Aalto’s Architecture, collection of imagery

Google’s Cultural Institute is showing an online exhibition based on the popular Alvar Aalto Museum-produced exhibition A Stool Makes History. This takes a close look at Aalto’s three-legged design classic and its history:
A Stool Makes History

Another online exhibition adopts a restoration viewpoint to explore the Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg.
Restoration of Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg

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