ptah 06: 1
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issue 06: 1


On Passion
Esa Laaksonen

a r t i c l e s

on architecture Articulated Convergences - Places in Utzon's Museum For Jorn
Michael Asgaard Andersen

e s s a y s

on architecture The Keys To Success - The Architect's Operating Environment
Aino Niskanen

  Time, Age, And Ruin - Intentions In Modern Funerary Design
Joel Robinson

  Steven Holl And His Critics
Gareth Griffiths

on Aalto The Children's Library In Clamart: Is Alvar Aalto's Original Furniture in Danger?
Ásdís Ólafsdóttir

on design Seeking New Directions In Design
Aila Kolehmainen

on photography The City
Bo Carpelan and Pentti Sammallahti

m o v i e s

  Space In Time - Filming Architecture
Murray Grigor

b o o k s

  Editor's Choice
Esa Laaksonen

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