Paimio Sanatorium Conservation Management Plan (CMP) has been made to guide the future use, care and conservation of the Paimio Sanatorium. The objective in preparing of the CMP was to produce documents that bring together already existing historical records of the building, including defining of architectural features, physical analysis and the knowledge of the buildings performance over time to create a long-term strategy for decision-makers, contractors and users regarding conservation and maintenance. 

The CMP -project was made possible by the grant awarded by the Getty Foundation as part of its Keeping It Modern initiative, and the restoration grant awarded by the National Board of Antiquities in Finland. Keeping It Modern, an international grant initiative launched in 2014 is devoted to the conservation of significant 20th century architecture around the world. Keeping It Modern supports projects of outstanding architectural significance that promise to advance conservation practices. Grants focus on the creation of conservation management plans that guide long–term maintenance and conservation policies, the thorough investigation of building conditions, and the testing and analysis of modern materials.

The CMP is divided into five parts, each focusing on a certain area of the CMP from general policies to specific guidelines and recommendations. Download Paimio Sanatorium Conservation Management Plan (PDF)

   Keeping It Modern
        Getty Foundation
        Alvar Aalto Foundation
   Conservation Management Plan

Part I introduces the reader to the Paimio Sanatorium site and the purpose of the document.

   Description of the property
   Thematic History
        Paimio Sanatorium History
        The Paimio Project
   Physical Evidence
        Original Floor Plans and Major Changes 
        Technical Features and Their Condition
        Furniture and Lighting
        The Color Scheme
   Documentary Evidence
        Literature and Other Research

Part II describes the property and its history, bringing together previously collected historical records regarding the site, including physical and documentary evidence, with the new information explored and collated during the CMP preparing process.

   Protective Designation
   Principles of Restoration and Use
   Assesment of values


Part III presents the protection designation and principles for the restoration and use of the site. Also the assessment of values is analysed in accordance with three different values: 1. Architectural value, 2. Cultural-historical value, and 3. Use value.

   Guidelines and Recommendations
        Restoration and Conservation
   Maintenance and Housekeeping
   Prerequisites for Use
        Technical Problems and Solutions
        Potential and Limitations of Use
   Management System, Structure and Practices
   World Heritage
   The Future of the Site

Part IV presents the guidelines and recommendations for the restoration and conservation of the site. The research has addressed the landscape, the interiors of the main building, the furniture and lighting, and the maintenance and housekeeping issues. The prerequisites for the feasible and compatible uses have been studied from different perspectives during the CMP project and the results and case studies regarding various interiors are also presented. Part IV also takes a peek at the possible future of the site.

   Paimio Sanatorium Color Research 2015
        Part 1/2 Main Building
   Paimio Sanatorium Color Research 2015
        Part 2/2 Chief Physician’s Villa,
        Sub Physician’s Row House Apartment,
        Staff Apartment House and
        Rose cellar – The Morgue

Part V includes the two-piece Paimio Sanatorium Color Research 2015.