About us

The Alvar Aalto Museum operates in two cities, Jyväskylä and Helsinki, where it is the custodian of four buildings that are open to the public. The Alvar Aalto Museum building in Jyväskylä houses a specialist museum of architecture and design, which is a national and international centre for information on Aalto.

The Alvar Aalto Academy and Alvar Aalto Museum Architectural Heritage Department is housed in the Aalto Studio building in Helsinki.

It is the task of the Museum to take care of Alvar Aalto’s material and spiritual heritage and ensure its continuation. The activities of the Museum promote Aalto’s work and ideas and make them better known. The Museum takes care of the Alvar Aalto collections and administers them, arranges exhibitions, produces publications and plays its part in architectural and design education in collaboration with other actors in the field. The Museum also assists in the repair of Aalto buildings and supervises the product development of everyday articles.

The Alvar Aalto Museum works for the benefit of a better everyday environment and design culture, based on the lifetime’s work of Alvar Aalto and his humanist and ecological values.

The activities of the Alvar Aalto Museum come under the Alvar Aalto Foundation.


PRESIDENT Päivi Hovi-Wasastjerna

Vice president Tiina Mikkola
Henrik Aalto
Markus Alanen
Mirkku Kullberg
Timo Miettinen
Aino Niskanen
Leena Rossi
Tommi Lindh, reporting member

The Aalto House administration board

CHAIRMAN Matti Rautiola

Rauno Anttila
Anni Sinnemäki